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The way people use real estate is changing – moving beyond the brick and mortar elements to incorporate the overall customer experience. A bank and a clinic have different requirements which need to be incorporated to create fit-for-purpose spaces that can generate additional lines of revenue that enable real estate firms to maximize returns.

We work with our clients in the real estate and construction industries to reimagine their role and innovate their business and operating models, building the capabilities they need to succeed in the market.

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The growth potential of emerging economies

Economic power has spinned around countries in Asia and emerging economies, promising to transform them in a few year in the new players of world commerce. The growing economic power of emerging economy countries was driven in the beginning by the intensity of their production processes, together with the low wages paid within their organizations.

Globalization: An interconnected business world

Globalization is the process and strategy of businesses towards their expansion and operation in new markets. Activities abroad are boosted by new strategies and process transformations. The commercial sector and economic entities connectivity present a series of intangible benefits, driving the enterprise business expansion. Here, we will explore the main indicators of an interconnected and globalized world.

Strategies to bolster the Supply Chain

The supply chain includes the strategic and integral process of organizations in the creation of a product, this being comprised of relationships between various entities. The production and profitability of organizations will depend on the level of efficiency of their supply chains. In every sector, the supply chains are the cornerstone of company productivity. However, these have shown to be vulnerable to disruptive events, risking operational continuity.

Sustainable Vision of Organizations

Climate change is defined as the climate and temperature variation at a global scale based on the natural cycles. Human beings have aggravated the phenomenon through the burning of fossil fuels, the exploitation of natural resources and the excessive use of pollutants. This megatrend represents a growing threat for society, and from the perspective of organizations, the level of impact in their processes is increasing.

Technology as enabler

Technology has completely changed the way companies operate. Currently, it’s one of the major transformational forces as well as a defining factor for the growth and sustainability of companies in the future


Megatrends are great forces of change and development at a global level. They comprise issues that keep being current for a long period of time. Understanding the impact of these megatrends not only in our activity or business but within the ecosystem will allow us to anticipate risks, keep a current portfolio, identify opportunities and develop capabilities.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governace is a set of norms, values, policies and procedures that regulate the organization and operation of a company. It also establishes the relationships between top management, shareholders and employees, allowing the company to perform with responsibility, transparency and professionalism.

Digital Transformation

Digitization in companies presents changes in the commercial models, adoption of technologies, new interactions with the consumer and a transformation whose success will depend in the change of mindset of leaders throughout the organization. The sudden increase in the product demand via digital mediums as well as the remote work practices accelerated the adoption of new technologies.

Mergers and acquisitions

The business situation generates great opportunities in the purchase and sale of companies. Nevertheless, the lack of adequate strategies along the transaction could cause the acquisition of the company to affect the value of the investment of the stock/shareholders. The economic reactivation, just like the stabilization of Covid-19 cases have led to the market of mergers and acquisitions to be booming. The growing availability of resources and the appetite to diversify investments have been the principal drivers of this growth.

Energy Sector. Implications for Organizations

The Energy Reform Initiative, PEMEX and CFE’s financial situation, as well as immigration and sustainable energy will have important implications for the companies, their costs and their energy supply. In recent years, the energy consumption from renewable energy sources has increased due to investment in the sector, lower generation costs and the global pressure to reduce CO2 emissions.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry in Mexico faces unprecedented events. The sector is being transformed by restrictions on the border, pandemic confinement, economic recession and new regulations. The North American region, since their integration with the US industry, finds the Mexican industry sector as a highly dynamic and competitive one.

Company Reestructure

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the financial restructuring processes, payment suspension, bankruptcy proceedings and even definite company closures in Mexico and the world.

Exchange Rate. US Dollar Volatility

The Exchange rate represents one of companies’ main uncertainties which affect investment and financial decisions. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mexican peso exchange rate vs the US Dollar has increased it’s volatility. The exchange rate behavioral analysis must be given through the flow of the net foreign exchange coming into the country, financial assets and futures market positions.

Banco de Mexico’s SME support. Responses to COVID-19

Given the significant issues caused by COVID-19, Banco de Mexico decided to intervene in the national economy. Through economic policies, they would attempt to buffer the detrimental effects in the country’s economic and financial stability, as well as in the continuity of Mexican companies.

Outlook Towards 2021

As unprecedented events took place during 2020, mainly driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy has been widely affected, building a strategic plan for organizations is more relevant than ever to overcome the uncertainty of 2021.

Real Estate: Mexico’s Outlook

This sector plays a relevant role in Mexico and has the potential of becoming one of the development levers for the country, new trends are starting to shape the future.
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