Strategy & Corporate Finance

Develop and articulate the strategic vision and roadmap to maximize value through aligned and efficient resource allocation

As technology permeates the organization, so too does the pace of innovation. Compared to 10 years ago, what holds today has a lower probability of doing so tomorrow, inevitably impacting the time value of strategy. We go beyond traditional strategy design to incorporate probability-based methods and decision models that drive a continuous strategy-setting agenda and efficient capital allocation.

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Board Services

We support our clients’ board members by bringing unique and objective insights to deepen strategic debates and drive data-centric decision-making.

Corporate & Business Unit Strategy

We help our clients define their strategic direction and make key choices at both the corporate and business unit levels, creating actionable plans and partnering with them throughout their transformation journey. We combine rigorous data-driven analysis to design the right plan of action to achieve our clients’ ambitions across their portfolio.

Corporate Finance

Strategy is, in summary, a plan for allocating capital and resources to achieve the organizational objectives. We partner with CFOs and finance departments, bringing the right tools and expertise to align the department with the organizational strategy, driving a value creation focus. From M&A and debt advisory to raising capital and transaction services, our in-house corporate finance specialists offer a commercial, hands-on and partner-led service that delivers practical and timely results.

Digital Strategy

Beginning with the corporate strategy, we help our clients translate the organizational objectives into the digital strategy, incorporating technology and data to drive transparency and agility alongside enhanced solution innovation focused on the customer experience. Alongside our technology partners, we go beyond strategy to implementation, combining digital with the human-side to achieve organization-wide transformation.

Growth & Innovation

We help our clients develop a structured approach to tackle business innovation through deploying the spectrum of tools available, from in-house R&D to Corporate Venturing.

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