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What are we looking for in our team members?

Curiosity & Critical Thinking

Curiosity drives us to search for and identify all possible options and ideas. Critical thinking ensures their objective and comprehensive analysis to form a judgement.

Ownership & Responsability

We are owners of our work both as individuals and as a group. Our collective sense of responsibility is foundational to the success of our firm and to the success of our partners and clients.

Integrity & Respect

Integrity coupled with respect means doing the right thing in the right way. It is our obligation to stand up for what we believe, but to do so in a way that respects the journey others must traverse to get there.

Meritocracy & Fairness

Through our commitment to fairness, we ensure that the same opportunities and paths are available to all. Through meritocracy we ensure that progress is rewarded.

Cooperation & Resourcefulness

We work together to identify challenges and develop solutions - through transparency and debate we utilize all the resources available to us in the relentless pursuit of our objectives and those of our clients.

Passion & Ambition

Finding passion in what we do drives us to act now and do so with the best intent. Having ambition ensures we keep going even when passion ebbs.

Grow With Us

Research Analyst
Research analysts in AG are involved in projects throughout the firm, enabling them to identify the types of projects that they find most attractive and engaging. Initially, their role is data-centered, but increases in client exposure as experience and knowledge increase.
2-3 years
Business consultant
As a Business Consultant you will require a sense of ownership towards assigned projects and internal responsibilities. You will be expected to identify relevant information, perform critical thinking, test hypotheses and interview clients to further develop your project comprehension and client relationships.
2-3 years
Executive consultant
Executive Consultants own and lead workstreams for both internal and external projects in AG. This role requires strong organization, leadership, and collaboration skills to guide the team involved in each workstream. You will also be expected to develop strategic relationships while engaging with our clients and partners.
2-4 years
Engagement manager
As an Engagement Manager you are expected to perform multiple roles across AG’s internal and external projects. Managers act as project leaders, engaging with clients and team members from prospection to execution and delivery. While performing this role, you will develop managerial skills and grow into an active decision-maker in building the firm’s strategic assets.
2-4 years
Engagement director
Engagement directors lead – along with the firm’s partners – client interaction and development. You will be expected to perform seamless management of internal and external stakeholders of the firm throughout projects, along with the leadership of project prospection, execution, and further development. As an engagement director, you will aid in AG’s strategy definition and the firm’s asset management.

Working at AG

We are a multidisciplinary team with highly enriching work experiences that allow us to have a much broader picture and complement each other to always bring our clients the solution most relevant to their needs or challenges. The dynamic of the team allows us to be constantly learning and generating value.
Daniela Lechuga
AG is a great place to start your career as a student. From Day One I was given the opportunity to actively participate and learn from the best, giving me the support and the right tools to begin my professional career; developing structured problem solving, public speaking, and leadership skills that I have been able to deploy while learning in a variety of industries.
Carlos Sánchez
The best thing about AG is its talent. Working alongside competitive professionals, who have a great diversity of skills and abilities, motivates me to always give my best.
Hernán Ulloa
What I like most about AG is our ability to listen; from day one I realized that my opinions were considered and had an impact, this has allowed me to accelerate my professional and personal development.
Ana Karen Tello
AG is a company with a multidisciplinary approach with great commitment and high focus on their customers.
Fernando Tenorio
AG is first and foremost about its people: a talented, diverse and multidisciplinary team of hearts and minds, ranging from 20 to 80 years of age, tirelessly working to build a better world by propelling the democratization of opportunities for prosperity.
Manuel Familiar

We Want To Hear From You

We are always on the look-out for top talent and run an active recruitment program for experienced hires year-round. Additionally, we have a graduate program with applications running in alignment with the school calendar.

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