Megatrends are great forces of change and development at a global level. They comprise issues that keep being current for a long period of time. Understanding the impact of these megatrends not only in our activity or business but within the ecosystem will allow us to anticipate risks, keep a current portfolio, identify opportunities and develop capabilities.

Published on February, 2022 Eduardo Garza & Daniela Lechuga
The success and longevity of companies require an understanding of external and circumstantial factors, as well as an analysis of the potential impact on the business’ activities. The analysis of information and data management has claimed relevance within organizations, becoming a key practice in the substantiation of the decision making process. However, there’s a need to complement what is happening in the environment through analysis and a better awareness of what is happening around us.

Megatrends: An Overview

I - Health and demographic behavior. Creation of consumer behaviors and patterns.
1.- Changes in consumer habits. Organizations need to transform in order to satisfy the changing market demands
2.- Health and wellbeing. There’s greater awareness and consumption of products aimed at benefiting general health
3.- Urbanization and mobility. Industries must find solutions that address the effects of growing urbanization and the mobility issues that arise

II- Economy and Politics. Creation of new business opportunities emanating from geoeconomic changes in societies around the world.
1.- Knowledge and information society. Serve the challenges presented with the growing access to information driven by technological development
2.- Globalization. Every industry should know how to foster their business operations through a changing and interconnected world
3.- Economic power displacement. Companies must understand and harness the changes in the world economic order as well as identify new trends and economic powers

III- Technology.
1.- Technology as enabler. Apply certain technologies in the business that boost processes and operations towards greater efficiencies and productivity

IV- Natural Resources and Environment.
1.- Climate Change. The effects on organizations is increasing, Processes should be transformed towards sustainability in order to reduce impacts and ensure a better future
2.- Resource Scarcity. Environmental and demographic factors will lead to a shortfall in the amount of available natural resources, forcing companies to search for alternatives in the consumption of resources

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