Tailored acceleration program to build the necessary foundations for rapid economic and operational growth

We deploy a tailored acceleration program, developed around our core capabilities, and aligned with your needs. We automate our underlying processes for efficiency, not the advice and support we provide – ensuring quick action around a fit-for-purpose strategy. We partner to accelerate the business across multiple areas, building the organizational structures and frameworks required to scale at pace. We manage a rigorous screening and selection process of our acceleration partners, ensuring a shared vision, dedication, openness to new ways of working, and laser-like focus on results.

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Beginning with the ambitions and an understanding of the full potential of the business, we work with our acceleration partners to design an actionable strategy for rapid growth.

Smart Money

Leveraging our vast network of investor organizations we align capital with the strategic and financial goals of our acceleration partners.

Agile Execution

As innovative companies seek to scale, processes and structures must adapt to manage a growing organization. We design processes and structures with agility built-in, creating learning organizations that can pivot at pace and maintain start-up speed and flexibility.

Mentor Network

From our in-house subject matter experts to our international partners, our network of mentors provides expert advice as required, covering the spectrum of needs and situations of growth companies.

Partner Engine

Successful organizations know that they operate within an ecosystem. As customer-centricity drives more seamless customer journeys, companies must partner to stay ahead. Not without its complexity, AG operates a structured strategic alliance model enabling companies to leverage this growth tool efficiently.

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