Technology as enabler

Technology has completely changed the way companies operate. Currently, it’s one of the major transformational forces as well as a defining factor for the growth and sustainability of companies in the future

Published on February, 2022 Eduardo Garza & Daniela Lechuga
The relevance of technological issues does not revert on tech per se, but in its adoption and how it’s utilized as an enabler to drive growth and improve companies’ operations. Technological development as well as the change in the processes’ defining factors, compel companies to focus their strategic planning in one efficient and progressive adoption of technology. Technology enablers allow process automation, harvest and store information, better understanding of the customer, as well as finding business opportunities. Also, the presence of technology will result in better communication and management within the company.

Technologies with greater transformation power

I. Artificial Intelligence. This tool offers operational and process solutions through software and algorithms that support the capability of substituting and performing tasks previously performed by humans.

II. Cloud. The cloud represents a digital storage space capable of storing unlimited amount of information under any format, in real time and at a low cost.

III. Internet of Things. It comprises a network of physical objects incorporated with high technology sensors and software throughout the entire organization’s digital network.

IV. Cybersecurity. These systems allow companies to protect their systems and operational network from any attack that could affect the organization’s daily performance.

V. Blockchain. Blockchain technology eliminates every middleman, decentralizing any transaction and making those transactions only between users.

The use of technology is a key factor for the productivity of organizations. Their sustainability and profitability in the future will depend on their level of adoption. Companies’ main goals should consider a growing adoption and implementation of digital tools. This should be done in an incremental way through development and innovation. Digital transformation begins with the company’s culture, with the understanding that technology is present in every level of the organization. It is vital to understand that the role of technology is to improve the productive processes, as well as the rest of the operations.

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