Operational Consultancy

Strategy Delivered Better

We partner with our clients in the development and execution of transformative ideas and strategies. Through deploying an ownership mentality with our clients and partners, we develop actionable strategies to streamline decision-making, optimize capital allocation, and increase productivity.

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Tailored acceleration program to build the necessary foundations for rapid economic and operational growth

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Capital Solutions

Access to a range of funding options aligned with strategic potential and operational needs

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Data & Analytics

Improved decision-making and operational visibility through operationalizing data assets and building future value

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Investor Services

We support every stage of the investment lifecycle, enabling investors to take a more active role in managing their operations and maximizing portfolio value

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Accelerate growth through effective design and execution of inorganic strategy, from deal flow generation and due diligence, to post-merger integration and synergy realization

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Marketing & Sales

Incorporate a customer-centric mindset and strategy, ensuring sustained value to drive organic growth

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From the back-office to the front-line, we help re-invent operating models to drive superior performance, from one-off margin expansion projects to long-term functional partnerships

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Organization & Transformation

Through a structured approach and a breadth of management experience, we provide the tools and expertise required for end-to-end business transformation

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Strategy & Corporate Finance

Develop and articulate the strategic vision and roadmap to maximize value through aligned and efficient resource allocation

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Technology & Digital

Enabling rapid shifts in digital innovation to achieve and sustain business transformation

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AG In Numbers

Since our establishment in 2017, we have grown consistently alongside our clients, expanding our team and capabilities to address our clients’ most pressing challenges, achieving success through partnerships.

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2017Year of
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~95%Team Growth
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